About Our Olive Oil

Tallgrass Ranch Estate Blend Olive Oil — sold retail in 500 ml bottles — is fruity with a medium amount of bitterness and pungency.  This is not achieved merely by combining all the gallons of oil that we produce. Instead, each year we hold the oil from each harvest day separately so that we can gauge the unique qualities of each batch.  Only then do we make blending decisions, hoping to be able to use all of the oil produced each year in our Estate Blend, but sometimes needing to exclude some.

The Italian trees, primarily Frantoio and Leccino, supported by pollinators Pendolino, Moraiolo, and Maurino, provide the backbone of the blend, having high levels of fruitiness, green and grassy touches, as well as high polyphenols—that bitterness and pungency that might make you cough, but which also provide the anti-oxidants that protect both the oil and your own body.  The French Columella, and its pollinator, Aglandau, provide a more buttery fruitiness, with notes of apple and green banana, and much less bitterness and pungency. The resulting blend is a great complement to many cuisines.

All olive oil is perishable, even with high polyphenol counts, so it should be kept in a cool, dark place and used within two years of harvest.  Our hope is that you will need more long before then.