Tallgrass Ranch Olive Oil

Tallgrass Ranch is situated in the hills south of Sonoma, on a windy ridge overlooking Sonoma Valley and San Francisco Bay. Our goal is to produce a fruity olive oil with a medium level of pungency and bitterness, which is why we (Nancy and Tony Lilly) choose to grow both Tuscan (robust) and French (milder) olive trees. Because our oil is a perishable and healthful product we want you to enjoy it every day and encourage you to use it for finishing, for salads but also sautéing and baking, too.

We are proud members of the California Olive Oil Council, which certifies our oil each year, and of the Good Food Merchants Guild.  In late 2013 our oil was chosen as a winner of a Good Food Award for 2014, the first year that oils were included as a category. This national award honors “people who make food that is delicious, respectful of the environment, and connected to communities and cultural traditions.”