Tallgrass Ranch is situated in the hills south of Sonoma, on a windy ridge overlooking Sonoma Valley and San Francisco Bay.  We produce a fruity olive oil with a medium level of pungency and bitterness, which is why we chose to grow both Tuscan (robust) and French (milder) olive trees.  Because our oil is a perishable (and healthful) product, we want you to enjoy it every day and not just for special occasions.  We encourage you to use it for salads but also sautéing and baking, too.

The trees are grown with a minimum of inputs:  a weekly irrigation in the growing season, a little copper in the winter to combat Peacock Spot Fungus and an organic bait for the Olive Fly.  At harvest time—October to December—we monitor ripeness levels of the different varieties so they can be picked at the optimal time.  We pick the fruit by hand and by using an “Alice” vibrating tool.  The olives are immediately taken to the mill where they become oil within 24 hours of harvest.

We are proud members of the California Olive Oil Council, and in late 2013 our oil was chosen as the winner of a San Francisco Chronicle Good Food Award for 2014.